Terms of use of valblog

The customer who wishes to purchase a license will be referred to as "Customer"

  • The client does not infringe on the rights of the programmer or distribute unlicensed copies for failure of the service to be stopped permanently.
  • The customers submission of any license purchase request is considered as approval by the customer to comply with all terms of use.
  • We may modify the terms of use at any time without incurring any liability and customers review the terms of use periodically.
  • The client is committed to using the script in a way that does not violate any of the divine religions.
  • Customers may not resell the script unless the license update is requested to be converted to another domain.
  • We provide the customer with a technical support team around the clock 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
  • The technical support team is designed to solve all the problems of the script only and it does not include the addition of topics or modification or installation of software or templates.
  • The client should not modify any of the script codes and has been encrypted for not tampering with it. In the case of a request to add a new feature, please refer to us.
  • Developers are entitled to program the addition of software or create templates specifically for them .. Please contact us to help you to create an add to your site.
  • After downloading the script, the client is not entitled to import the license amount. Before purchasing, you must try the script carefully to see if it is appropriate or inappropriate.
  • Customer is fully responsible for what is published in its territory in the legal sense and in case of notifying us of violation of these previous laws will be dealt with immediately.

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