New update valblog version 1.1.1

Today, a new version of the Valblog script has been released 1.1.1

These are some of the features and additions that have been added recently

- It has been added CSFR or Cross Site Request Forgery an advanced protection system.
- It was added to a custom control panel to show and hide non-essential settings menus.
- It was added to the white list users and the interest of which allow the site only to certain people and not to all.
- It was added to the newsletter property to send an automatic articles for users and can control the property of the control panel.
- It has been added to record text messages and e-mail log and log newsletter within the control panel.
- It was added to the German and Polish, Slovenian and Romanian system.
- Updated system display sections in the control panel to facilitate control in all sections with ease.
- User PIN Encryption System has been updated.
- Was developed in the system queries the database to display data faster and no pressure on the server.
- The integration of the property Statistics Altvsalih and the number of visitors, comments and other within the control panel in a coordinated manner.
- The SMTP system is turned on and controlled from the control panel with the addition of email contact details.
- The user blocking system was reprogrammed as they entered more than once and the number of times allowed and the time of the ban could be determined.
- Fixed the change of the control panel link from the protection settings.
- The last record keeping users' activity to detail repair.
- The reform of the system advertisements and facilitate the control of the control panel.
- Fully rehabilitate the system in order to work on localhost with ease.
- The rehabilitation of the system in order to work on the SSL encryption system.
- The rehabilitation of the system to operate on less server specifications are not many resources than consumption.
- Some bugs have been resolved in previous releases.
- Some errors have been resolved in the design of the site interface and the control panel.

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