Project Travel Company

Through the site booking the trip and also see the company's tour offers and details of the company.

  1. Main sections for each group of trips.
  2. More than one currency with easy control of each currency.
  3. More language to the project.
  4. Contact us page and page about the site beautifully.
  5. Photo gallery to display the trips of your choice.
  6. Latest offers and discounts page.
  7. Features for each trip wonderfully.
  8. More pictures of each trip.
  9. Book online and find out the booking details.
  10. Customized booking for children at different cost.
  11. Easily change from one currency to another.
  12. More than one hotel per city.
Project Travel Company (Project Travel Company )
  • Languages now available : arabic Arabic english English german German

Project Expiration Rate

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Interface of the site

Within the control panel