Project Details Movies

Through this project, you can create a full site to watch and download movies online.

  1. System is fully linked with the IMDB site.
  2. Easy control and adjustment.
  3. Upload movies directly through the site.
  4. Download and watch live movies through the site.
  5. Check movies links if they work or not.
  6. Playlists system for long series.
  7. More than one direct server.
  8. Quality movie.
  9. Movie duration and date of issue.
  10. Trailer for each movie.
  11. Actors, directors and film authors.
  12. More than external links.
  13. Type of film if it is drama, action or other.
Project Details Movies (Project Details Movies )
  • Languages now available : arabic Arabic

Project Expiration Rate

This percentage was determined by designers and programmers


Interface of the site

Within the control panel