Hospital Project

To manage the affairs of the hospital from the reception and operations and booking of rooms and others.

  1. It can be controlled in finer detail through the Control Panel.
  2. Add doctors, deputies and nurses.
  3. Setting the start and end times of each period can be added over the periods.
  4. Record the activity of the staff within the control panel.
  5. System disable button cancel automatically after a certain time.
  6. Detection and consultation with each patient.
  7. A patient ticket with precise details for each patient.
  8. Fixed price quotation for each detection and advisory to prevent price manipulation.
  9. The addition of unlimited sections of the treasury, such as the revenues of any body affiliated to the hospital.
  10. Control the receipts of statements and the possibility of cancellation or refund of money from the treasury.
  11. Detailed authorization for each group of employees from the control panel.
  12. View receipts that have been canceled or imported and know the exact details about them.
  13. Adding consumables to each process is easy and does not require experience.
  14. Hotel room system and find out how many rooms are available and not available.
  15. A detailed report on the revenues of the reception and printing them in brief or detailed on the PDF.
  16. A detailed report on the income of doctors and nurses in PDF format.
  17. Detailed report on the revenues of the Chambers and Specializations in PDF format.
  18. A detailed report on the revenues of surgery operations in PDF format.
  19. A detailed report on the revenues of surgery operations in PDF format.
  20. Report on the employees who printed the receipts and how many times they printed the PDF.
Hospital Project (Hospital Project )
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